Stretch and strengthen with control.
Pilates with Equipment in Watchet

What is Pilates For?

What Pilates you need or are looking for is part of your story..

From the very fundamentals to the more advanced repertoire, the Pilates Technique can be used for rehabilitation, pre and post operation strengthening, improving posture as well improving stamina and endurance.

Classes We Offer

Studio Session

Group Studio Sessions

Monday Morning

Tuesday Morning

Wednesday Morning

Thursday Afternoon and Evening,

Friday Morning & Afternoon


Private sessions available Monday to Friday

Matwork Classes 

Small Group Classes.

The cushioned top of the Equipment

are used as well as Mats on the floor.

Small Equipment and Props

are also used.

All Equipment and Props provided.

Pilates With


Balanced Body Reformer,

Reformer with Tower,


Combo Chair,

Ladder Barrel,

Step Barrel and Armchair.
Incline Table,

arc and various small props.

"Act as if what you

do makes a difference.

It does"

William James

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