My Story

Way back when I was regularly running on roads and doing all what I thought I was supposed to in order to prevent back pain, I still had niggles and aches that at times felt more serious and would “put my back out”. 

Eventually I made my way to a very good local Physio who gave me a series of exercises as homework to work with the running. Later, I found myself lost in a gym which led to gym membership that included free Pilates classes.


One day after a gym session, I walked past a Pilates class and realised that the exercises being performed in the class were the same as the exercises that I had been previously given. 


This led me to joining the Pilates class after my gym session. Pilates, without being aware, was already part of my lifestyle and exercise regime.


This story leads into another story and what can we expect from Pilates. 


At the time in the gym, there were two teachers who taught on different days.


One had relaxed music focusing on no-rush, deliberate paced strengthening exercises, the second teacher had high tempo music with more rapid paced, “beat-up” exercises. Both teachers and classes were fine, both were Pilates, but the class goals, aims and method were at very ends of what individuals might look for or expect in Pilates.


What Pilates you need or are looking for is part of your story.


Group Mat Classes are tailored to that group, exercises can then be modified.


Group Studio Sessions with equipment are tailored to the individual who then works through exercises independently within a closely-supervised group setting. Initially, the exercises may be more closely directed that may later lead to self-practice. This where the focus on one’s self becomes more influential in exercise within the session and awareness outside the studio. 


From the very fundamentals to the more advanced repertoire, the Pilates Technique can be used for rehabilitation, pre and post operation strengthening, improving posture as well improving stamina and endurance.