Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner, does it matter?


No and it is never too late to start.


What should I wear?


Clothing that is not restrictive when lying on your front, back or side. 


Please be aware that zips on clothes or harsh fittings can damage the vinyl on the equipment. 


What should I bring?


If you do have a known condition, any information or letters from doctor about your condition so that we must focus on the exercises needed.


Do I have to get down to the floor?


No, tables and equipment are bed level.


Mat or Equipment?


Either and both work together. Mat classes are instructor led with up to seven in a class. All student do the same or modified exercises. Equipment studio sessions individuals work at their own programme and is more led by the student and guided by the instructor.


How do I start?


Half priced one-to-one - £20 - that forms an assessment and introduction, 90 minutes. 


How Often?


Twice a week is a good standard. It does not have to be in the studio, once week at studio and then a honest session once a week at home. Homework is given, some movements or exercises can be done everyday or when needed.


My day off changes weekly, can I still attend regularly?


When space allows, students can move about the schedule. Normally by the end of the week, my schedule is set for the next week. Some days available can be high. Some days late cancellations mean I can look to a waiting list, space becomes available. 


When can I start?


Call or email, book a session or a free studio visit.


When is the studio open?


Monday to Friday, mornings, afternoons and evenings, times vary.


How to pay?


Cash, cheque or bank transfer


What is the Core?