I can wholeheartedly recommend Nathan as an excellent Pilates instructor.


He is very knowledgeable about the Joseph Pilates methods , anatomy and physiology. He is very sensitive to a persons needs and shows great patience and interest in each clients progress.
His studio sessions using equipment such as the reformer allow for exercises tailored specifically to each individuals physical needs with safety in mind. 3 or 4 people per studio session allows Nathan to give a good deal of individual attention to each client. One to one sessions are also available if desired.

I have been attending sessions for several months and can definitely say I have noticed great physical benefit. His methods are always interesting, introducing new exercises and on different pieces of equipment, so that it never becomes repetitive and tedious. With this comes the satisfaction of feeling there is progression and noticing the improvements in flexibility, muscle strength and stamina whatever your age, shape or level of fitness.

Nathan offers flexibility in booking sessions and fees are very reasonable.

Thank you Nathan.

Shirley - Retired GP

Quite simply it has changed my life!

I’ve been attending Nathan Pirt Pilates regularly for the past six months since moving to Watchet. Quite simply it has changed my life: the arthritis pain in my knee has virtually gone, stronger stomach muscles have improved my chronic back pain, so that I can now walk down the 73 steps and across Fossil Beach and back pain free. Fantastic! 

I am so lucky to have such an amazing facility on my doorstep. Nathan is an exceptional teacher, with so much patience and knowledge.  I look forward to the next six months building up those muscles, getting fitter and more flexible.


Thank you, Nathan.

Anne - Retired Teacher

I have been to others but they are second rate in comparison.

I have been attending Nathan's sessions for two years. He pays close attention to the needs of the individual, modifying his advice accordingly on how to mobilise through the exercises.

This man is a magician!

Nathan has exceptional knowledge of how the body works and how Pilates can enhance /develop body fitness and flexibility.

He is totally committed to his work and has an enthusiastic and inspiring approach.

Forget large Pilates classes with instructions barked out from the front over loud music - Nathan runs small classes (4 in the studio, 6 ìn the mat classes), where you get individual advice and help.

I always feel like I'm walking on air when I've finished a session with Nathan.

Highly recommended .

Nathan is an excellent Pilates teacher. As a retired Chartered Physiotherapist with quite a lot of experience of different approaches to rehabilitation through Pilates I can highly recommend Nathan’s Studio. His assessment and treatment plans are spot on as he has in - depth knowledge of the discipline. He is thoughtful and caring of his clients and makes sure each person understands their exercise plan and performs it to the best in order to gain as much benefit as possible from each session. I was beginning to get quite a lot of knee pain and in spite of knowing the cause and performing regular physio exercises nothing has helped it more than my sessions in Nathan’s studio along with home practice of my programme. I can now climb the Quantocks and do my gardening with no discomfort! Not only is my knee pain better but my core strength is much improved. I am now focusing a bit more on my arm and upper body strength and an overall body work out. The studio is light, bright, warm and friendly, the equipment is excellent and very varied and I am most grateful to be able to come and exercise here. I am glad that I found a teacher who is so very good at what he does and really understands the philosophy of the Pilates method. Thank you Nathan.